v0.85 Update and New Helicopter Media

Today we bring you another large update from the Project Reality Team.

However, as many of you may know, today is Remembrance Day, where we commemorate the sacrifices made by those, in conflicts past and present, to preserve the freedom which we take for granted everyday. So although Project Reality is just a game, let us not forget the men and women who have fought in the past, and those on the front lines today. Please show your appreciation with 2 mins of silence at 11am GMT.

-Project Reality v0.85 Patch Update
With the release of PR v0.8 we have had lots of feedback on the forums regarding changes we have made in the release and we our selves have seen what has worked as intended in game, and what has not. Overall the PR Team is very happy with the way PR v0.8 has turned out, its been another very successful release for us. As always there has been some unwanted bugs and gameplay failings in v0.8, which is what our current focus for v0.85 will be: tweaking, improving and fixing these issues. The PR team has been working hard on fixing various bugs, many of which were discovered by community members in our forums. We are also looking towards the future, evolving the gameplay and adding new gameplay elements as well as refining the content features that were included in the last release. Expect further updates on these developments either in the Developer Journals or in future news posts!

-Community Matches Update
Its been sometime since Objective Peach was played, and a great success it was, we have now moved on from that a little and have created a dedicated team of [R-COM]’s to ensure we continue to bring you gameplay with a twist. Maps have been changed, assets have been added, and the whole experience promises to be something new for all the PR Community. The team, made up of the community, have been quietly working in the background to make sure they bring you the best, and I think you will agree that they certainly have done that. UN Peacekeepers our latest addition will ensure that the matches are played fair, and also give you something else to look out for, before you squeeze that trigger !! For more info head over to the Community Match sub-forums for more info.

-Royal Air Force Chinook HC2
Planning ahead for future releases, we have been creating the RAF Chinook HC2 for the British Forces. The Chinook is the life blood of the British Army currently in Afghanistan; transporting and re-supplying ground forces over large areas of desert in a quick and effective manner. To that end, we can’t wait to see this flying around on [R-DEV]Dr Rank’s ‘Sangin’ in the not too distance future. The model and texture are both the work of [R-DEV]Stigger, who is putting a lot of hard work into the Chinook, which as you can see is really taking shape!

-Army Air Corps Lynx AH7
And as if the Chinook wasn’t enough, we have also been working on another chopper, the Lynx AH7. The Lynx is renowned for its speed and agility, having served with the British Armed Forces since 1978, it looks set to stay with the upgraded Super Lynx coming into service soon. The Lynx will act as a light transport / utility helicopter in PR. Unfortunately however, we will not be including a version fitted with TOW Anti-Tank missiles since they are currently being phased out in favour of the Apache, which fulfils the Air support role far better. Modelled by Wybl & [R-DEV]foul_killer and skinned by our newest Developer, [R-DEV]Pride, as a DEV trial task which has turned out very nicely.

That’s all for now, but there is still lots more to come! Make sure you keep your eye on the News and Dev Journals for further updates, as well as little hints in other areas of the forums on what might be round the corner for PR

– The Project Reality Team

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