USI Update 8/2/09

Hello again everyone. Today we are back with a new vehicle for you asset lovers out there. It actually has been modeled a few years ago and never made it ingame, but with 0.2 being our last public release, we thought it would be a waste to not finish it up. We are talking about the well-known BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicle. We have had the BMD1and BMD2 for a while but while the Iraqi forces never really had alot of those, they had hundrets of BMPs in their motorpool. Reason enough for us to finally put in some BMP-2’s.

If you want, you can get wet with it, because a very handy feature of it is that it is able to swim. Our variant will hold the driver’s position and 7 additional people, which gives us a total of 8 people. But don’t stay in there too long, because it’s not armored that good and can easily be taken out in two hits from an AT weapon of your choice. If it gets too hairy, deploy your six smoke grenades and back up. If you are more of a rambo-styled player, you can take out enemy tanks with your 30mm AP rounds and the tube-launched, wire-guided AT missiles. Either that or mow down some infantry with the coaxial 7.62mm PKT machine gun that holds 2,000 rounds. Enough words, let it rain some pictures.



Fun fact, we actually exported it twice: While petemonster modeled the original one, the updated one has more details added to the 3D mesh, as well as a higher resolution texture made by wolfi. At this point, we would like to thank jodonnell at the Forgotten Hope 2 Mod Team for his texturing tips. And that’s a wrap, we are done for this week. Watch out for the next update.

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