USI Update 6/28/09

A new week, a new update. Today we would like to show you a few more things from our upcoming 0.2 release. But first, we would like to talk about some other things. As some of you might have noticed, we have updated our website alot recently.

One of the new things is, we have been fiddling around with twitter, and thought it was a good idea to give our fans some real-time updates about just everything that is going on behind the scenes. You can either find the latest two updates on the upper right corner of our website, or directly see all of them on our twitter page, which can be found at But now for the real news.

After the three new maps we showed off in the next update, we have made some changes to some of our older maps and would like to share them with you. This week we want to show you the first one of it, Ad Dawrah Oilfields. Our mapping guru, [EoD]Junglist, has put some love into this map and it turned out quite well. To serve the infantry lovers out there, we now have some small villages and more cover to hide from the big boy’s toys. But let the pictures speak for themselves.

dawrah_01 dawrah_02

Off to the next one. As promised earlier, we would now like to show you screenshots of our new brand new HUDs for the A10, the F16, J7, Su25 and the BRDM2. Nothing to add here, just take a look and tell us what you think.

hud_01_a10 hud_02_f16
hud_05_su25_2 hud_06_brdm

And that’s it for this week’s update. Expect something really dark for the next update!

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