You already saw some first impressions of our flightmap “Wildgans” in one of our previus news. Today, you’ll get the final result. Wildgans was developed by Gladi and finished by our allrounder Mavy.

The maps in OPK version .2:

1. Bordercontrol
2. Blockade Policy
3. Wildgans
4. ????
5. ????
6. ????
7. ????
8. ????

3. Wildgans

The story:
Serbian forces have installed massive air-defense-positions in this area, to prevent the KFOR from aerial reconnaissance and to defend the nearby airport. KFOR is forced to destroy the aa-positions as soon as possible to regain air superiority. The german forces have built a camp with an airfield to do so, received heavy armor support and are ready for the Operation Wildgans.

The facts:
Mapsize: 2048er
New airplanes: Tornado IDS, J22 ORAO
New helicopter: UH-1D “Huey”
Player: 16/32/64

For all our fighter pilots out there… a bunch of pics!

Die Minimaps:
For your overview in the sky, the minimaps…

16 Player

32 Player


64 Player

So 5 of the 8 new maps remain to be presented.

Your OPK-Team

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