Teatime in Kosovo

It’s been more than a year ago, since we have presented them as a pseudo-joke on 1st April of last year.

But in the upcoming release they will be new content: The British.


Thanks to the wide-area cooperation with Project Reality we were allowed to port their British fraction to OPK.

Distributed over the last year TASS was working on the British Army alongside his normal work. And now we have reached a milestone in putting them into OPK.

In the upcoming release The British Army will be able to use all Infantry Weapons:

The pistols L9 and L226, the Assaultrilfe L85A2 in different Versions, the Carbine L119A1 (Diemaco C8SFW), the Machinepistol MP5 by Heckler & Koch,

the sniperrifle L115A1, the light support weapon L86, the Grenade L109 and some more useful equipment.

Due to the large amount of thing we want to show you we want to dispense more details and let the pictures speak:

briten_01 briten_02


briten_04 briten_05


briten_07 briten_08

We hope that you like the Brits as much as we do and see you on the next newsupdate!

Your OPK-Team

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