Relic Entertainment interviews CoH: Modern Combat

Good news folks. CoH: Modern Combat has caught the attention of Relic Entertainment, the design team of our loved game Company of Heroes.
They recently have talked to our Mod Leader OnkelSam and posted an interview with him on You’ll find a lot of interesting information that you might not have known, yet.

Towards the end of February of this year a new trailer was released for a Company of Heroes mod that has been in the works for awhile.  The new footage showed that not only was the group still working on the mod, but that they were continuing to make some impressive progress.  Long time Company of Heroes fans will likely recognize some of the names involved in the project, which include OnkelSam who will soon have two of his maps included in Company of Heroes, the Duclair series.

I dropped OnkelSam a note to see if he’d be able to answer some questions about the mod and give us an idea of what’s still to come.  This Q&A resulted, we hope that you enjoy it. (…)

Read the full interview on and feel free to discuss it on our forums.

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