Project Reality – US Army Update Part 1

Over the past few months we have been giving out small hints of the US Army coming to Project Reality but we have been keeping the details under wraps. Today we have the first part of a large update for Project Reality’s US Army. That’s right its official, the US Army is coming with the Project Reality v0.8 release!

In the past we have been doing a little bit of “mix and match” with the US assets in Project Reality, mixing US Army and USMC scenarios and weapons. For PR v0.8 there will be an official split, with the US Army using their own unique weapons and vehicles.

We are starting this update with the much awaited M4 Carbine, which is the standard issue rifle of the US Army. Newly added developer [R-DEV]Chuc has recently completed all variants. [R-DEV]Chuc has also been really cracking out loads of other excellent skins as well which we know you will all love (look for dev journal entries on this coming soon). The model and import for the M4 was done by [R-DEV]Katarn who also did the M16A4 models and imports. The texture was a joint effort between Millenia, [R-DEV]Vaiski, [R-DEV]Qwerty and [R-DEV]Chuc.

In all these screens you will probably have noticed the new Digital ACU Camo on the solider model, which is the standard combat uniform of the US Army. These skins were done by [R-CON]Spush. They blend quite well into the terrain and surroundings at a distance! [R-CON]Spush has done work on several other soldier skins included that have already been included into PR v0.75. He’s currently touching up Militia uniforms and updating US vehicle skins.

Next up is one of the US Army’s APCs (Armored Personel Carrier), The M1126 Stryker. The Stryker is an eight-wheeled, all-wheel-drive, all terrain vehicle which is used by light and mobile mechanized infantry units of the US Army. The Stryker is equipped with an RWS which means the 50cal gunner can sit inside the safety of the Stryker’s armor while using the MG. The Stryker’s model and skin was done by retardedmonkey. The Import has been done by [R-DEV]Stinger, who also did the Landrover, Warrior and Scimitar. The vehicle coding is currently being done by [R-DEV]Jaymz.

With the help of USI we have finally replaced the infamous vBF2 “beach party” open back HMMWV with a much more appropriate battle-ready model. Although its not as well equipped as current day HMMWV’s as seen in Iraq, it provides more protection and is more authentic than the stock BF2 hummer. This updated HMMWV will be used by both the USMC and the US Army. The model, import and coding was done by jarleif and textures done by petemonster from the USI mod. We may add an even more realistic, heavily protected HMMWV model in a future update.

We hope you enjoyed the first part of the US Army update, keep an eye on the Project Reality Website & Forums for the next part and also other information on upcoming changes for PR v0.8!

– The Project Reality Team

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