OPK #32 Tankbuster II: Bumbar

Not only the germans get a new “tin-opener” but the serbians, too. It is an old friend out of the BF:V times: the “Bumbar”


The first announcement is about the tuning of the soldiers. Nightmare is working on a system which allows us to put different types of armor to the soldiers. For example a sniper will have less bodyarmor than an assault soldier who is fighting directly at the frontline. The running speed and stamina of each class will be overworked too so that an anti-tank guy doesn’t have as much stamina like a special forces troop. We hope that this can be finished for upcoming 0.25 release of OPK…
The Bumbar:

This anti-tank-weapon is a replica of the french ERYX-system. In the game we will have it as an stationary weapon but also the portable version will be implemented as a construction set with whom enemy konvois con be destroyed out of bets cover. Already in BF:V many people liked this variant of the Bumbar.

A third possibility is propably a version which has to be build up with sandbags. This option is in testing at the moment.

so visit www.opkmod.com for more pictures!

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