OPK #28 Curtain fire

After 0.21 many questions where coming up how we will continue the kit system in upcoming releases. There is one clear answer for the MG-Class: The MG4 does in fact appear in OPK.



As the lighter one of the two MGs it will be part of the basic equipment in OPK. It will be a valuable support weapon with very unique qualities for the KFOR troops. The heavier MG3 makes its appearance in the upgrade class.

In OPK we will have two versions available, which will contain the Reflex Sight. Which will be the standard sight on the MG. The upgraded version of the MG will have a zoom scope which will replace the reflex sight.

As Nightmare did with all the other weapons he will adjust the MG4 to BF2 ratios.

But now some pictures for you:

Starforce and Nightmare are working franticly working to put the weapons in game. A special thanks goes out to Zefan from Battlefield: Korea who made the wonderful texture.

For the mappers among you we have some OPK-light map samples ready to download.

Click to download OPK Lightmapssamples

With this we say goodbye and are looking forward to see you on the OPK-Gameservers.






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