Our Goal
Street Wars is mainly focused on urban warfare. With various ways of getting pass choke points either by dragging your feet thru the sewers, scouting from the third story of a city building, or creeping around in man made tunnel running between basements, subways, or service tunnels. Another focus point will be the buildings. Not only having them scaled and modeled to look like the real thing, but to also fight inside of them, working elevators, winding fire escapes and such. However only the first three of floors will be accessible to begin with, and buildings can be updated in testing stages to push the engine to its limit. Lots of effects, usually seen in war torn cities, will be created to give everyone the real feel to our version of urban warfare.

2010…the terror war reaches us mainlands…several attacks left major cities crippled…since our forces and reserves are over seas…its up to local SWAT teams to defend our major US cities…the terrorist have since then taken some control of several locations…

1.) Maps will be mostly downtown night maps as accurate as possible but of only a few city blocks…(subways, sewers, light rails ect)
2.) swat vrs terrorists
3.) total conversion concept in mind
4.) 7 or 8 cities for the first release

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Renders/Ingame Shots

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