BGF2 is a Crysis-Mod, going to be developed by some dedicated members of its forerunner, BGF. The goal of BattleGroup – Frontlines 2 is to shift the players of Crysis back to the Second World War. BattleGroup – Frontlines 2 will feature an extremely authentic atmosphere. Features include:

– Historically accurate vehicles, aircraft, and weapons

– Realistic and accurate sounds

– Realistic weapon aiming aiming and firing physics

– Famous battlefields, but also a lot of infamous battles (our aim is not only to do battles like D-Day, Stalingrad, Midway, Citadel etc….. you´ve seen that so often in every ww2-game or mod)

Our team’s goal of realism is an ambitious one, with the need of incorporating accurate striking powers and ranges of weapons. Naturally, a few things will need to be amended for the sake of quality gameplay, but with realism still held to the highest standard. We believe that it is possible to incorporate both incredible realism and exciting gameplay, and BattleGroup-Frontlines 2 will achieve that balance.

Our first Release will be set on the italian front. We have decided to develop this front, because it hasn’t been seen in too many games. It features five armys. The German, the US, the British, the Canadian and the Italian army plus lots of smaller armies which will go into further releases. The Italian Front features many types of battles including close quarter town battles (Battle of Ortona, aka known as “Small Stalingrad”), beach landings (Battle of Anzio, Operation Avalanche/Slapstick/Baytown, german counterattacks (Operation Fischfang), air and naval battles (parts of Operation Husky -> the invasion of sicile) and nightfights (Battle of Cisterna).

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