Server Files

FileFront: .16 Patch Server Files

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Total BF2: .16 Patch Server Files

BF2 Files: .16 Patch Server Files

Planet Battlefield:  .16 Patch Server Files 

Client Files

FileFront: .16 Patch Files

Wolfservers: .16 Patch Files .16 Patch Files

Total BF2: .16 Patch Files

BF2 Files: .16 Patch Files

Planet Battlefield:  .16 Patch Files


USI .16(ver.1.03w) Changelog 11-09-07

Iraqi Arty 2S1 wreck mesh updated

J7 flight physics adjusted
Sa3 and Hawk missiles tweaked for better tracking
Vehicle underwater settings fixed
RPG sights adjusted
Car-15 sights adjusted
Stationary tow zoom adjusted
reduced number of flares able to fire before reload
fixed red light debug error

Milan hud lightened

BFHQ CTD fixed

All fire effects have had the heat objects removed

tweaked the mig29 ai

Spawn times fixed
All but some light vehicles are now team locked for every map
All maps optimzed in file size
Hogsmoke and Road Of Destruction map looked at for cause of CTD’s (adjustments were made but might not have been solved)
NW Neighborhood SP/COOP CTD fixed (map description also added)
SPFreak’s Airport map added (only the vehicles were swapped, and should be SP/COOP supported, more will be done to it later)