US Intervention (USI) is a modification based upon the Persian Gulf War.

This mod was originally created for Battlefield Vietnam. USI felt that Battlefield 2 would be a better alternative started building there. The first release came out in May 2006 with a lot of content. In the same month a hot fix was released after a new patch was created for BF2.

USI 0.15 is meant to build upon the previous release adding more vehicle, maps, game modes and overall environment. It will feature 12 maps, 55 vehicles, 23 custom hand weapons, and more!

Realism is a key factor this mod follows in the creation of the content. With some real and possible events being portrayed in every map. The battles have been evened out to give both sides a chance of winning. Teamwork has also been emphasized with certain objects given to each player to help benefit the team.

Renders/In game Shots


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