Omnicide is a Battlefield 2 mod originally created by Ryan Cutter (aka – Master-CA), the first zombie mod of it’s kind. In previous versions you play as the AZO, Anti-Zombie Organization, to escape and survive different maps.

Now in Omnicide: The End you are whats left of the AZO, the Resistance, trying to finish what they started by clearing out city by city and most importantly. Staying alive.

Bringing along custom weapons, maps, and even game modes. This pushes the Battlefield 2 engine to its limit with new music, voice overs, and much more.

Play by yourself, or with a friend. Fight an endless horde of zombies, escape an overrun city, destroy breeding grounds or attempt to survive on an open city map covered with zombies.

Omnicide will keep you at the edge of your seat, with easter eggs and amazing new features.

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