Insurgent Strike is a realism modification for Battlefield 2,that was founded in early 2008.Our main goal is to provide the most realistic combat experience in BF2 our team can provide,while keeping the game fun.Community input is very important to us.

Insurgent Strike is mainly centered around current day combat in the Middle-East against Insurgent groups,such as in Iraq,and Afghanistan.Though the mod also focuses on combat against militia groups,such as in Western Russia. As this is a realism mod,factions,kits,vehicles,maps,and everything in-game has been adjusted to be as realistic as our development team can make it.Though we still try to keep the game fun.We use our Military advisor’s knowledge,and our knowledge,of the military,weapons,and current day conflicts,to deliver a realistic combat experience through Battlefield 2.

-ISF (Iraqi Security Forces) (Current Day Iraqi Military)
-Soon to come Spetsnaz,and Militia/Rebels.

Insurgent Strike included various new maps,weapons,vehicles,factions,and re-done assets from regular Battlefield 2,to give an awesome combat experience.

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