Our Goal in the present time, is to transform the modern combat experience of BF2 and bring you back into the dark days of World War II beginning with the North African front. We on the development team intend on giving the players of our modification a whole new Experience. One that gives you the player, a much more realistic game play by using actual history as our guideline. So, not only is realism our goal but also, from a historical standpoint, our additional goal is to immerse the player into World War II by giving him the tools of war that were actually there in the correct time span. You’ll find (from a historical point of view) for example, the correct weapon models of the time period and the way they appeared in that theater or war.

We do this as best as we can both in coloration/textures and in the mechanical workings of each piece of equipment within the operating parameters of BF2’s game engine. We’re in process of adding new equipment and new armies to our modification on a continual daily basis. We do this through our team of dedicated modification members from around the world. They are experienced in modifying game content in the past and can recall from their experiences of having modified the BF42 game engine.

Our team of very professional researchers, provide us the much needed data and information to describe the many changes in armies, equipment and technology used in the correct sequence and time periods/battles of World War II. Whenever possible we also rely on information, reports or factual documented stories written by actual veterans of World War II to increase the element of historical accuracy within our modification . A few of our team members have elder family members that have actually participated in World War II as soldiers and in the past we have even relied and interviewed them on their actual experiences to increase the level of realism we can give you.

If you have played our modification of BF42 in the past, you know of our tank damage system which, includes muzzle velocities, penetrating capability and load out to it’s actual real life (of the time period used) specifications of that particular tank, aircraft, weapon etc. Some of our developers, both retired and active have been in or are in the military of their particular country of origin. We also have sailors and pilots onboard, so expect coding to represent their shared wealth of information as well.

If you’re a returning player of the Experience World War II modification, you will find some familiar elements that you found and grew to appreciate in our BF42 modification.It is the hope of the development team that you enjoy our work, and most of all get a more realistic Experience of World War II by playing our modification.

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