This mod was started back in late 2005 following the creation of the battlefield 2 single player community. Inspired by MERC.s and the early stages of PR with support from USI, OPK, and the BATTLEFIELD SINGLE PLAYER COMMUNITY, and BSS. A mod was born. designed to fit right in between vanilla and hardcore realism. This mod became a semi realism mod. The admin for the mod (spartan117gw) is an active member of the UNITED STATES ARMY 82nd AIRBORNE DIVISION. This mod was created for the intent of fast paced tactical fun that included the armies of bots that could actually fight back, and in most cases own the player. like most mods the weapons skins and maps were redone, recreated, and reborn. one of the big pluses is 100 percent sp and coop capability, hordes of customized high quality resolution skins (some of which were featured in the PR MOD) The mod has come along way and with the new bullet penetration feature is sure to mix up the firefights. Long awaited, Hard worked, and almost complete. just a few things to be done before the assault reaches release.

special thanks to PR, MERC, OPK, USI, BSS TEAM, BFSP SITE, AIX and all those who helped , crawled, bled and shot bots for fun.

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