The 21st Century Warfare tournament has begun a new campaign – it’s seventh in the BattleField 2 era. The next twelve weeks will see hundreds of players in four Divisions – populated with returning veterans and fresh recruits – wage epic battles in an effort to control the Middle and Far East. The tournament is free, easy to join, and set up to make the most of your gaming time. Experienced players are challenged to make an immediate impact, and newer players are taught and coached to smooth out the rough edges and contribute all they can to the war. Whether you’re an excellent FPS shooter, pilot, ninja in camo, or commander, there’s a fun spot for you in the tournament.

The tournament uses a unique BattleField 2 Mod crafted for intense 32 vs 32 battles using vehicles, gameplay elements and maps developed in-house and from the Black Sands Studios family of BF2 Mods. Think of it as regular BF2 on steroids! 21CW has new infantry weapons, tanks, APCs, fighters, bombers, helicopters, AA & artillery pieces, MRLS systems and other vehicles. We use Rally Points, squad spawns, and awesome custom maps. Then think of it as one of the BSS Mods taken to the next level! A team-oriented, hack-free environment where your entire Division is pulling together to accomplish the ultimate goal – victory.

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