IDF: FFI Update

Welcome mod fans and readers,
sadly it took us over 3 months to publish a new update, but we have not been resting. We are proud to announce that our arsenal of weapons is almost complete! Many new and miscellaneous tools of destruction will stand to your disposal. In this update we show you the K98 for the IDF soldiers and the AK47, AKMS and RPD for the Egyptians.

The K98 is a well known weapon from many World War II games, an icon of the WW2 German army and also used by the IDF until the early 70s. We have two versions, one without and one with a scope on it.

An absolutely standard in today’s computer games is definitely the Avtomat Kalashnikova Model 47, better known as the AK-47. a weapon that became and Icon in the 20th century. We will have two versions of the AK: The regular one and the AKMS, with a folding stock.

The last render for today is the RPD. It was the standard squad automatic weapon of the soviet army during the 1950s and 60s years. As nearly every other soviet made weapon it was widely
exported and used in many conflicts around the world.

And as a kind of special gift, we present you the Interview with Vestalis made on the GamesConvention 07. At least the video is in German, but we managed to create some subtitles in English. We just cant get the subtitles into the movie itself, so you will have to load the video (.divx) with an extra subtitles file (.srt). We recommend the VLC Media Player
for watching the video!

Visit our site for watching / downloading the interview!

That’s it for today, we want to thank Chillix from Fallen Times modification for taking some time off and helping us skinning these beauties.

Stay tuned for our next update.
Have a great week.
IDF FFI team.

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