IDF: FFI Update 30.11.07

Welcome mod fans and readers to another new IDF:FFI update,

At the beginning of this update we want to announce that one of our most important members, SPYKER, was drafted into the army earlier this month. We wish him luck, a steady hand and a good eye when shooting.

Back to the Battlefield stuff, we got another render for you.
THe FN MAG is a general purpose machine gun which was first introduced in the late 50’s, and is still in use in many of its variants as a hand held machine gun, a coaxial machine gun and mounted on many vehicles.

But we got more!
In the last update you have seen the AK-47 and AKMS renders, now we show you some ingames.

Last but not least we show you another toy for the egyptians. It’s the T55 tank, which was developed from the US-Intervention team and improved by SPYKER.

Thats it for today, stay tuned for our next update,
Have a great week.
IDF : FFI Team.

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