IDF: FFI Update 11.05.08

Hello and welcome to a long overdue update,

We would like to apologize for the long absence, we moved our homepage and forums to the Black Sand Studios server as we were unable to publish a new update on our old hoster.
(note to all webmasters and communites: our domain changed to – please update your links!)
Anyway, we are still working on our mod – with a very small team, but we are are working. And to everybody who always asked when there will be a version to download: There will be one as soon as we got maps and code, at least we dont have an mapping-artist neither an coder! So here is the call for all modders out there who are interested in helping, please contact us!

And for everybody who just waits for the screens, today we have some first person shots of our handweapons.


Thats it for today, hope you enjoyed this update.
And dont forget to visit our new forums at BSS!
Greetings from,
the IDF: FFI Team.

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