CoH: ZombieMod – Civil Empowerment

“I remember that night…it was clear…starry…beautiful. We were holed up in this windfarm. Anyways, we had some police guys with us, we sent them out first. They searched a few buildings, then all hell broke loose…”

Civil Empowerment is all about infantry. One branch focuses on civilian benefits, while the other is police related. It is pretty well rounded, offering offensive and defensive bonuses, as well as weapon upgrades and police support. As a result of choosing this doctrine, police squads can be built.


Left Side: Civilians (I know it says Brothers in Arms)

1) Rations: Passive – A surplus of food boosts survivor performance in combat and increases morale slightly.

2) Survival Kits: Passive – Each squad is given a first aid kit, allowing them to heal minor injuries, a flashlight, allowing them to see further, and extra ammo for their weapons.

3) Barricades: Passive – Builder squads can now construct barricades (similar to roadblocks) and observation posts, which can be garrisoned to help defend trouble spots.

Right Side: Law and Order (Yea, it says Supplies)

1) Accuracy Training: Passive – All police units receive better accuracy training before being deployed, allowing them to perform better in combat.

2) Armory Raid: Passive – Raiding abandoned police stations and armories gives squads access to new weapons if you wish.

3) SWAT Team: 450 Manpower – The most elite units available to police agencies, SWAT teams are paramilitary police that can handle close quarters combat quite effectively.


Police squad – a three man team armed with 3 colt 45’s. When upgraded, they receive a R870 shotgun.


SWAT Team- Armed with 4 M16’s, they can handle most threats without support.

Well, I suppose that since all of the Survivor doctrines are done, that means it’s the Zombies’ turn. Here’s a concept picture for the Zombies’ doctrines.


More to come, so stay tuned!

– the ZM Team