CoH: Modern Combat Patch 1.001 released

Hello CoH: Modern Combat fans,It’s time for our first wave of bugfixes. Thanks to all of your contributions on our forums, we were able to identify many of the bugs that made it into the release version.

The balance discussion is lively in our feedback section as well. We encourage you all to take part in it and help to improve our mod, so that it can become as balanced as possible. With this patch, we have mainly concentrated on bugfixing. Any further balance issues should be clearer than before and we hope to effectively resolve them with our next patches in the coming days and weeks.

People who use our launcher will be automatically notified about the update. People who have had problems with our launcher (resulting in them needing to create a custom shortcut) should download and apply the patch manually using this link.

Find the changelog of patch 1.001 attached at the bottom and watch out for further announcements on

~The CoH: Modern Combat team

General changes

  • commented out the line in MCsetup.scar which was responsible for writing the gameinfo.res.This should fix the fatal SCAR errors for all people who are unable to pick the correct admin settings.
  • fixed a numbering issue on the ModernCombat.module, which prevented the map 4p_Schahoi from loading
  • commented out the line in MCsetup.scar which was responsible for writing the gameinfo.res. This should fix the fatal SCAR errors for all people who are unable to pick the correct admin settings.
  • Increased several weapon LODS
  • changed US and PLA sniper ai so they no longer automatically seek cover.
  • removed the medal achievements tab found in vCoH
  • Remove the “abilities\reenable_capture_ability” from all our infantry as it spams the warnings.log and cause crashes
  • Skirmish annihilation games work now
  • Fixed the Random selection in automatch giving vanilla CoH armies instead they will now give MC teams
  • Added Annihilate with no pop cap, as it was highly requested

USA – changes

  • US Sniper health reduced from 75 to 65.
  • humvee m240 damage modifier against sniper increased from 1.0 to 1.5 (2 dmg to 3 dmg)
  • humvee CROWS .50cal accuracy modifier against sniper increased from 1.0 to 1.15
  • increased the stryker gun penetration against the type 81 mrl truck.
  • humvee m240 mg penetration against atmp increased to 1.0 from .8
  • Fixed the Bradley TOW missile system, runs very smoothly now, also no delay on the firing of the missile. When it’s aimed at the target it will fire.
  • m82 rifle penetration against the type 59D, ztz 96, and ztz 99 mbt lowered to 0.
  • m82 barret now pass down upon death of the current holder.
  • fixed a minor mistake with the m4 spotter.
  • Fixed the m82’s low fire sound
  • Fixed indestructable Air unit wrecks from the Amer side
  • Fixed Humvee wreck disappearing but still leaving a shadow and pathing block
  • Stopped the Javelin sniping infantry (accuracy reduced from 0.2 to 0.1 vs infantry in direct fire and 0.2 to 0.05 in vertical (it has increased accuracy))
  • Fixed artillery pieces hitting the apache hit box and causing damage, now they simply pass through
  • Fixed Javelin fx marker giving a strange after effect when the bone is returned to its default position
  • When retreating to US HQ, troops aren’t in range enough to reinforce, they need to be moved closer first
  • Adjusted Styker MGS AP rounds to use the Allies AT piercing ammo icon instead

PLA – changes

  • PLA sniper health reduced from 75 to 65.
  • the ztz99 call in now requires a functional HQ.
  • decrease atmp lmg penetration against the humvee.
  • atmp lmg damage decreased to 5 damage from 7 damage
  • atmp lmg penetration against humvee decreased to .6 from 1
  • t67 HMG suppression increased to .0015(d)/.0015(l)/.0015(m)/.0015(s) from .0012(d)/.0013(l)/.0015(m)/.0015(s)
  • fixed a bug where f6 was linking to the pla type 89 tank destroyer
  • Also fixed a pathing error with the Type89 where it would go through tank traps
  • rpg rocket now launch at a height of 1.75 meter above ground. This should reduce the possibility of tank hunter destroying their own cover.
  • rpg rocket collision type changed to tp_homing, it will now pass harmlessly through infantry
  • RPG AOE reduced to 1 meter.
  • fixed smoothing on PLA infantry and adjusted some LODs on weapons
  • Increased cooldown of PHL03 barrage from 30 seconds to 120
  • Also adjusted PF98 to not snipe infantry (0.1 accuracy modifier)
  • PLA at mine critical changed to match PE tellermine
  • mortar no longer instantly cause engine damage to against the stryker mgs at green health.
  • Adjusted hotkey for Deploy marksmen from Regulars to ‘M’
  • PLA Sniper does only about 6 damage to Humvee now instead of 15% of health
  • PLA PF98 has no speech, consider giving it the AT gun or HMG speech code
  • PLA HQ building has no minimum healing radius now
  • Adjusted the PF98 to have a wind_down so its transition to reload is not so sudden
  • Adjusted the PF98 to shoot at building slots now, as a tank gun would

Environment/Map – changes

  • Added a proxy to the watchtower, so now if you select the top of the tower the infantry team should throw the gernade onto the building
  • Decreased the health of the wooden watchtower as before it had the same health as an actual brick building
  • Made concrete caltrop unselectable (since it is used in the environment and we are not going to use it to replace the hedghog tank traps that US uses)
  • Adjusted the Guard Tower to not leave physics objects of its big pieces (roof parts)