BSS-USI Update 5-15-08

Hello all, the USI team has risen from the silence. We send this update to you all, letting you know we are still here. After 5 months, activity among the team has increased. First note, we have some server files availalbe for everyone. These files fix 80% of ctd’s while playing coop and single player. Basrah Streets, however, still has a memory issue and should not be included in the server’s map rotation. The files are compresed into a rar flie. To patch your USI, simply EXTRACT to battlefield 2/mods, yes to overwrite. If anyone needs help, post here, and we will try to help as much as we can.

Download the files here

Note 2, USI.17 is on the verge of being ready for download, this is a full build with an install exe and is 1.63 gigs in size, keep an eye out for release soon.