BSS – USI Update 11-10-07

Hello all, release went well and we have had over 11,000 downloads so far. We want to thank all who have atleast tried out the mod and those who brought back some bugs and suggestions. We decided to do a patch and give it out to keep our fans playing. Along with fixes we added another map! Airport – done by SPFreak, originally for BF2, passed along this map to add to USI. All we did was swap out the BF2 stuff with USI equipment as we plan to further develop this map for pure fun in the future. Since the actual patch build was 1.3 gigs, we decided to pass out the files as we do our testers to keep the file size down. Inside the rar you will dowload is an exe and another rar file. Run the exe to install the main patch files. Open the map’s rar files and extract to your battlefield 2 mods folder, yes to overwriting. You should be completely patched up 😀 You can view the changelog and download the mod here. Soon we will be showing renders and pics of new content so stay tuned for more and enjoy our mod.