BSS USI Update 10/19/09

Welcome back to another update of your favorite Gulf War modification. AsĀ promised on twitter, we now have two new maps that have not been announced yet. And here we go. First off, there are two new screenshots of our new map, called Weapon Facility, which was made by our fellow modder and lead Mapping Artist [EoD]Junglist. You have already seen this map, but here are two small teasers for your pleasure:

news_01 news_02

Now, let’s go to the new additions to the mod. The first new map we would like to show you, is the well-known Kashan Desert from the Project Reality Mod. We thought we would need a bigger map where you can take our big bad baby, the B52 Stratofortress, for a ride. Now, you finally can do so.

news_03 news_04

news_05 news_06

The second new map in our pool will be Ar Rawdatayn Oilfield. Besides Kashan Desert, this is our largest map so far, and it has been created by BSS Dev TrueSpirit. This also is his second map for USI, and even though it’s large and open, it has some nice spots to hang out and wait for the enemy. This is our first map to feature our very own F-117A Nighthawk and the BTR-50 APC from IDF.

news_07 news_08

news_09 news_10

That’s it for this week’s pictures, but that’s not all. Guedoe has been playing with the BF2 engine and came up with something we have had planned for a while now: Let the environment come alive with our brand new Aircraft that fly over your head while you fight. We think they add alot to the gameplay atmosphere and really make the static map come alive. But watch the videos Guedoe recorded while testing his code. Please note that those things are still WIP or Work in Progress, so they are subject to change until release.

We hope you like our new stuff, until next time!

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