BSS – USI Update 10-29-07

Hello all, this is the update to get everyone fired up for USI. Fragfest III went great and much thanks to all who joined us for some fun. Version.15 is all fixed up and ready to go, so this update includes our change log and our release plan. Version .15 will be a full install, no patch was made since we put in so much work. At the moment the build stands at around 1.8 gigs, but much worth it due to 13 maps and so many toys to play with. Server files should be available on Wed the 31st for all servers planning to run USI. Server admins— we request you post server info on our forums to let folks know whether a certain server is server side modded or not. This will help posting of bugs. We do not support server side modding but we also don’t mind if servers do at your own risk. Admins can post their info here, Our tentative date for release of the client files should be Friday, the 2nd or early Saturday the 3rd. A passworded Torrent should be available when the server files are ready. At this time we are looking for hosts for torrents and mirrors, all interested should contact Guedoe on BSS, just send him a pm and once the client is ready, he will provide a link to grab the files. We hope this release will be alot better than our first which crashed almost every server that helped out. Here is the changelog.

We appreciate the patience to all who have waited so long for this release. We also plan to patch very often with fixes for issues found while playing, so be sure to give us your feed back. Again, server files and passworded torrent on weds and the full client on fri/sat.

….the grounds will rumble once again…..