BSS – EoD Update 12-27-07

Well gang, another news post is upon us! Since we’ve been showing you guys all the neat helicopters to be flying the skies of the EoD mod. We thought it was time for us to introduce you to, “Sandy”, our A-1H SkyRaider. This aircraft can be used for multiple roles. From support of troop insertions to defense of key positions on the battlefield.


The A-1H Skyraider was adopted by the USAF, from the US Navy as they were retired from service use aboard carriers in favor of Jet Aircraft. The USAF used the Skyraider as a ground support/attack aircraft. It was also commony used as a helicopter escort in support of troop insertions and extractions.

The A-1H Skyraider was designed and built at the end of WWII. It was used throughout the Korean conflict and later found a home in Vietnam. The versatility of the design enabled the “Sandy” multiple roles in the fierce combat in the skies over Vietnam. Our “Sandy” is very well armed and equiped to deal with these threats in support of the troops in the jungle. Armament consists of Rockeye Iron Bombs, Napalm Canisters, 2.75in FFAR Rockets and four 20MM cannon.

Affectionately known also as “Able Dog”, the Douglas AD series attacker was one of the most welcomed machines among the US Navy and USMC pilots and ground crews. Its sturdy construction and reliable mechanism allowed the dog to withstand even the toughest battles. Many pilots were able to sustain heavy damage and still make it home.

In addition to the USAF colors of our A-1H Skyraider. It is also available in Navy Colors. (More on this later.) Well gang, there you have it. Another news post in regards to things to be found in EoD.

Stay tuned as there is yet more to aviation goodness to come!