Black Sand Studio: Recent Down Time

Hello modding fans. You may have noticed that we recently experienced downtime.  We decided to post the reason and cause so that we all can help prevent this from happening again.  On 3-13-12, one of our mods here at BSS released the very first version of their mod.  This generated a high number of  viewers on the site, hitting refresh over and over, waiting for the news to be posted.  Before the news could be posted, the host shut down the server.  Our host has security protocols in place to prevent attacks on their servers and this “refreshing” activity put up a red flag.  The account was suspended in response to this activity.  Now that we are up and running again we must ask that all viewers please refrain from “refreshing” so much, and the dev teams here will work on providing release times , along with dates, so that players can log on then and see the news or post.

Thanks for sticking with us,